Home Staging is not a regulated profession.  A person can pay $1,500 for a two-day training and call herself a "certified" stager.  I completed not one, but three comprehensive courses (one took six months) before I was satisfied I had enough training. Plus, I've been doing it since my business launched in 2009!

Color Consulting:  People don't realize the status that color has in their home. When they see the colors they love their eyes light up and they fall in love with their home all over again! It's life changing! When you live with color you love, you live happier!  I truly believe this!

Ann Alderson is a unique home stylist offering paint color consultations and home staging consultations in the Tampa Bay area. 

Staging South Tampa

It is my job to educate the home seller on what buyers want, and then guide them through the process of giving buyers what they want so they will pay the maximum price the market will bear. I specialize in home staging consultations, the single most affordable and effective way to enhance a home's marketability. 
Home staging is now time-tested. It has helped to sell millions of homes around the world, and it will help sell yours. Home Staging is tax deductible, including fees, home repairs, landscaping and more. The equity you will gain is also tax deductible, so make the most of it!

"Same is lame.  Boring is invisible.  You must make your house stand out from the competition." 

"Staging is often confused as our purpose.  The Stager's purpose is marketing,

our process is staging."

~ Ann Alderson

Today's buyers are interested in moving into a home that does not require any "move-in repairs." They don't want to patch or paint the inside or do landscaping on the outside. Smart buyers look for a house that is move-in ready in all aspects, and a staged home is just that. But you can't get from "A" to "Z" without a plan. Selling your home at the best possible price in the shortest amount of time requires strategic thinking. Staging forces sellers to think like a buyer. Adopting this perspective early on will help you in many ways when preparing your home for the market.