Staging South Tampa



"When you live with color you love, you live happier."

For decades, when you got ready to sell your house, the conventional wisdom was to paint all the walls back to white.  But white does absolutely nothing to warm up your house.  It doesn't highlight architectural features and it doesn't enhance the colors of your wood, counter tops and other finishes.  To sell your property today, it's best to use soft, warm decorator colors that are current.  A paint color consultation will help you paint out the colors that turn buyers off and select ones that turn buyers on.

Remember to select paints that are "green."  I don't mean the color!  There is no good reason not to use paints with zero or low VOCs.  They are readily available and only run about $5 more per gallon than the ones with the nasty chemicals.  Your prospective buyers will be happy that they don't smell your new paint, and most of them will consider it a positive point about your home.

​If you are not selling your home but simply want a new look for your home or are moving into a new space with a blank palette, a Paint Color Consultation can help you select the right colors for your personal taste and style.  You will learn the process of color selection, how to select a color scheme, and what sheen levels are and where they should be used.

The price is $95 for up to one hour (8x10 color samples, a fan deck and more are provided).  I am a registered design consultant with Sherwin-Williams and use Sherwin-Williams products exclusively. Payment is due at consultation.


When I first arrive at your home, I will walk through your whole house with you from top to bottom. After the walk-through we will go through your house room-by-room and I will tell you exactly what needs to happen in every room without spending a lot of money, using a checklist I will provide. At the end of the consult you will have a Game Plan that will set you up for success to sell your home for the maximum amount the market will bear.

By the way, I believe in value-added service. I will bring 8x10 wall color samples, checklists, strategies for keeping your home staged with kids and pets, and much more.  When I leave, you will be armed with all the tools you need to help you get your house ready to sell while you and your family are living in it.

The price is $150 (up to two hours, $75 for each additional hour). Payment is due at consultation. 


Room re-design is the re-arranging of your furnishings, in a skillful way, to create function and flow in your home. What makes re-design unique is that it’s all about you and your personal, authentic, sense of style. Authenticity is the key element in re-design because it is the state of being genuine and avoiding anything copied.

Here's how re-design works. First, working with the homeowner, the room is cleared of all accessories and artwork and small furniture pieces. Then the room is analyzed for architectural features and points of focus. Space planning and traffic patterns are established. The house is shopped for usable items. Next comes the re-building of the room. Furniture is placed properly for maximum usage and traffic flow. Lamps are then placed throughout the room for optimal lighting. Next the artwork is hung to its best advantage. Finally the accessories are skillfully placed to complete the finished look.  There are no surprises!  The homeowner approves each step as we go.

Re-design services include proper furniture placement, how to hang art, lighting solutions, accessorizing and much more. This takes on average two hours for one living space.

The price is $75/hour. Payment is due at time of service.


Art and accessory shopping ($20/hour, 2-hour minimum). 

Anything else? If you don't see it here, ask. If I can't provide it, I will introduce you to someone who can.